My home

The meaning of home to me is my family, Which includes my little brother Sam, my mom Nikki, and my dad, Dan. When I am at home I feel safe and loved and I like when I walk around and I see art I made hanging on the walls. I also have many plants in my room and I like talking to them, especially when I'm angry or annoyed because they seem to listen, and there’s something comforting about having other living things in my room to talk with or just to look at. Another thing that really makes our home our home is Sam. Sam is constantly talking (or yelling) about random facts that we don’t really need to know. He doesn’t do it only to us, he does it to the soccer coaches and the other students. In a lineup (even if it is a race) he will be talking to the person behind him (and miss his turn). He LOVES talking!!! We also have so much lego in our house, there are probably at LEAST 5 pieces of lego in every room. And downstairs there is SO much more. Do you know when you just build something really cool to show your parents, then it is diner time and you put it down then it gets smashed by your brother’s football? Well that's how we get our lego everywhere! We also have a frog, a fish, a snail, and a shrimp. The frog and snail are 5 years old, and their names are Lightning & Spike. The others' names are Otto, and Auklet. They live in a tank that is about three feet long and two feet tall. It sits by our couch. Our home is like no other, and we love it!!!


Grade 5

Kamloops, British Columbia

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