My Home

The meaning of a home is when get a house and live in a town for so long and have so many memories there. And then in one decision, you move somewhere new. But you always remember the home, and the town, and the people in the town, and then you start off somewhere new, in a bigger town. And in a bigger school. But you always remember the home thats now far far away, and eventually, its your last day in the home before you leave, and you remember the memories and the special times you had there, and theres that special scent you always loved, all the rooms in the home you remember them being filled with things, and you see them now emptied, And you think of when you first moved in the home and thought you would never like it, but now you miss it, and you would give your life just to live there another day, then you leave the home and you know you will never see it again. But it will always hold a special spot in your heart forever, then you remember how safe it made you feel and that it was the place you slept in for a long time, and then you leave. You have your final glance at the street and the neighborhood, and then the home. You look at it one last time, as you drive around the corner and the house disappears. Then you have a quick drive through the town and you look at every detail of the town on the way, then you drive up a hill out of your the town, and you look one more time until you cant see it anymore, and you start the long trip to your NEW home. But you will forget about that home, eventually.


Grade 6

Salmon Arm, British Columbia

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