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This is My Home

In my bright and happy home, I live comfortably with my cute baby brother, my parents and my pet fish “Mr. Fins”. I always want to come home at the end of the day, because I like to be with my family. At dinner time, me and my family sit around the dinner table laughing and eating good, tasty food. My home’s kitchen is the place where me and my mom occasionally bake sweets and where I learned to make my dad’s favourite drink - masala chai. There is a neighbourhood park where my friends and I play games like basketball and soccer. My home is a place where I feel physically and emotionally safe. It's a place where my opinions always matter. And a place where all my basic needs are met. I have a home with sturdy walls, good drinking water, food and working air conditioning. I have made some great memories here - like my baby brother’s first birthday celebration and his amazed face after seeing the smash cake, and my dad’s 40th birthday when me and my mom woke him up at midnight and gave him lots of gifts. My home is my happy place. I would like to thank Habitat for Humanity for transforming peoples’ houses into homes just like mine.


Grade 4

Burlington, Ontario

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