The Meaning of Home

Aiden Bellmore February 1, 2022 Meaning of home Home is a place to listen to Michael Jackson or Queen and play basketball with my brothers. Its also a place to share meals with my family. It can be a nice place to hang out with friends and my brothers build a pillow forts for me, but home is always placed to love your family, and which makes a brighter day. Home is not just my house its also the comox valley. I like to bike around the neighbor hood and collect empties to make some money to save up for something you would really want one day. Or read a book from your shelf I wish that everyone has a house like me So home is kind loving place, and you should love your home too. Everybody deserves a home. Its very important to see good the in people and be generous to everyone and be agreeable. And give to people in need. Home is more than just a roof over me it's a place to love and be kind. It can be boring sometimes am I lucky enough to always to have my family there. Home is like a battlefield sometimes you must do chores but that's not a problem. because I realize Home is a special place and I'm lucky to have it.​


Grade 5

Courtenay, British Columbia

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