Why my home is my home

My home is my home and it's not just 4 walls, it is where I grew up and continue to grow. Home is where I stay with.my family and pets and also where I feel best, where I feel loved and can be myself. A home and a house are not the same thing, A house is an empty place with no feeling just 4 walls and a roof. A home is where I feel love and joy and where I have family by my side. Even though I am not always at home when I think of it, it still makes me feel that love and Joy. And it also reminds me of my family and pets and the ones I love most. Love is. not just 4 letters it means much more to me and Meany. But there are some who have no home that live in the cold at night and have nowhere to go, or others that cannot call the house a home and some others that have a home but it's not in good shape or those who have a home but no food in their fridge. Home is a luxure everyone should have but sadly everyone does not, so that is why I am thankful for this organization, for those in need and for putting that joy and happiness on others' faces. And once again thank you.


Grade 5

Surrey, British Columbia

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