The meaning of home is different to everyone, but to me the meaning of home is a special and comforting place where everyone can gather and be together. In my house we like to play games and watch movies together. We also like to have friends over so that we can have a fun time together . A home should be a place that everyone should feel safe in. In my house I feel safe because I always have my family surrounding me and I know that they will keep me safe. Lastly a home should be a place where everyone should feel welcome, a home is also a place where your family will encourage you to be yourself. What I mean by you can be yourself is that it doesn't matter if you're doing something your friends don’t because you should feel proud of being who you are. I am so thankful for my home because whenever I see someone that's homeless or on the streets, I get sad. So some people might think that this fundraiser is for the iPad, but for me this fundraiser is raising money for Habitat for Humanity, so that no matter what, even if I don’t win, I know that someone will get a home.


Grade 5

Kamloops, British Columbia

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