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The Meaning Of Home

Home is different for every person. For me it means a place that's clean, a place where my love sits and rests in my home. I always feel safe. A place to make good and bad memories. Like getting a dog or breaking my bones. Or getting so comfy on your couch that you don't want to move. Having supper with family and eating really good food that makes your mouth water. Having sleepovers with my sister and thinking we were up so late but it was only nine. Getting out of bed to the sound of birds and fresh pancakes. Asking my dad if we can play catch and then asking if I can pitch to him and I would pitch to him for hours. Going to my grandma's house and doing talent shows. Having dance parties by myself and making my family laugh. Running laps around our stairs and having to throw my socks at my mom. Going backpacking in the mountains. Going to the park and playing tag with my dad. And then ran home because it was pouring rain. Doing puzzles with my sister before my dad got home to show him and he couldn't even see the floor. Going in the car well my mom was sleeping and going for a park hunt and finding new parks. Doing online school because of Covid and my mom being my teacher. Having to go to bed but secretly play cards with my sister in her room. Going to a hotel and thinking that it was so fun. Going to the rec center as soon as it opens with my sister and swimming until the pool closes. Getting out our science book and doing science experiments. I could sit here and write about my whole childhood but that would take too long. I hope you like my meaning of home paragraph.


Grade 5

Red Deer, Alberta

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