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Meaning of Home

In my home, I feel comfortable and calm. If it was a feeling, it would be safe, loving, happy, and kind. I love my home and it loves me. When I’m sad in my room, someone’s there for me. Whether it’s my gecko, mom, dad, sister, anyone! The taste in my home is mint hot chocolate. On a cold winter night I have some mint hot chocolate. It fills me up with warmth, which makes my heart warm too. Home is just like a warm, fluffy blanket! In a home you're always safe. The meaning of home is a place where you feel safe. If you're not safe in a family, then that is not a family. Because everyone in my family is so humane to me, I feel safe there! My family makes jsure that I’m protected, even if it seems that I could do it. Home is like a quiet dome for me to feel safe. I have lots of adventures with my family, whether it’s traveling to Mexico, or simply building a fort. One time I saw a wild fox, and my family was there to see it too. What does home mean to you?


Grade 4

Calgary, Alberta

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