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Anything and Everything

The world is a crazy place. Ebbing and flowing with all kinds of things, challenging everything you do and believe. Sometimes it gives you promotions or necessities, while other times, it takes. Snatching the things we've hoped and dreamed and ripping them apart in a time of mass confusion. We weep. We scream. We handle things differently. Though the world may make a mess of all you know, you still have one thing. Your home. Your mom, gently helping you in your times of need. Your religion, when you know that God is still there and with you. Your house, the memories you spent there bringing you comfort. Your pets, providing you love through the storm that leaves your life in shambles. Your possessions, given to you by a loved one. My home, full of family and friends. My home, full of faith and God. My home, with all the things that keep me going. Our home is there when we’re happy, supporting us while we become successful. It’s there when we’re sad and we need safety and help. Our home is there to love us, and in return, we love it back. So the next time you hear someone say a home is just a house, bricks and mortar, know that they don’t know what home means to you.


Grade 5

Calgary, Alberta

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