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Home is my life Addison

my family . Home is a place where I feel loved . Home is where my mom and dad make delicious food for my family. Home is where my family plays board games and watch movies some of them we even have popcorn and candy.my home is filled with laughter and joy. I am so grateful that I have a home and celebrity on my b -day. I am so grateful that I receive food and have a mom and dad. I am so grateful for my mom and dad caring of my life and having this opportunity. Home is where me and my family eat snacks and have fun . I think the the meaning of home is spent time with are family and have a roof over your head. some people don't even have a home I am so grateful I do. Nothing is like home love my home so much I hope you do to I love that the sun comes through my window my home is the best place on earth I am telling you my mom makes the beast food she you used be to be a waitress and she learned from the chief she fills the air with the best air ever.


Grade 4

Calgary, Alberta

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