Meaning of Home

Everybody's home is different but to me home is where everything you love is. where you feel safe... I have called my home two places and it's not just where I moved to, it's where all the good memories are where your family and friends are, it's where you feel happy. Pemberton, that was my old home, I was there for three years my mom ran a preschool out of are home it was only two girls and me they were my best friends in the whole entire universe Abby and Poppy we would do everything together and we had so much fun. After we came to Comox my grandparents had already lived here so we stayed with them for like 2 months until we could find a house. We had a nice guy to show us some houses. I really liked the last one because it had a blue room and that’s the house we got. Comox is where I go to school. My aunt and uncle moved and as you know my grandparents live here so I have a lot of family My friends are here. everything I love is here so I think comox is where I can call home. I'm very lucky that I have a place to call home and I'm especially lucky that I got to call two places my home, but some people don’t get that so I'm very grateful for what I have.


Grade 6

Comox, British Columbia

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