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Home Sweet Home

Home. The place where I can cuddle up for a family movie night. The popping sound of fresh popcorn and the buttery smell filling the air. The smiles on our faces as we laugh together. The taste of a homemade ice cream sundae on my lips. I’m comfortable, safe and warm. I feel loved. Home. The neighbourhood where I have grown up. The school where I listen to my teachers' trustworthy advice. The smell of the food trucks at our community events. I see the beautiful birds, flying past my window. I feel the cold metal beneath my fingers at the playgrounds where I play with my friends. The mango flavour of the popsicles that I eat on hot summer days. Where everyone is willing to help each other through the ups and downs. I feel safe. Home. The city that I love. The sight of the Calgary Tower on the skyline. The scent of pancakes at a Stampede breakfast. Hearing all of the different languages spoken. The flavours of unique cultures. I feel the chinook wind against my skin. This is a place where I am welcome. I feel confident and happy. Home. The province I know. The beautiful mountains on the horizon. The crystal clear lake water on my bare feet. The taste of Alberta beef. The sound of the prairie grass blowing in the winds. The smell of the earthy dust in the badlands . Where I can breath in the cool mountain air. I feel adventurous. Home. The country we all share. The taste of sticky maple syrup. The spirited sound of the national anthem. The pole of the Canadian flag in my hands. The smell of rich poutine . The parliament buildings in the distance. The place where everybody is equal. I feel proud to be Canadian.


Grade 6

Calgary, Alberta

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