What does home mean to me

Home to me means that when I go home, I have people waiting at home for me that love me, care for me, and cherish me. The most important thing for me in a home is if I feel safe or protected by my family and they feed me and keep me warm. My family means everything to me and gives me and provides everything that I need to survive. It will be sad if I never get to see them again. When. My dad gets home from work we watch a movie, and they keep me warm when I am with them. My family is not that rich, we lived in a basement and then I do not know what happened but now I live in a big house, and they fixed it up and now it looks like a mansion. MY family has a bad history of being bad and misbehaving so that is why I cannot focus that well in school. That is what family means to me.


Grade 6

Surrey, British Columbia

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