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Home is a Feeling

A home is not created by a house. Home is where the heart is, yet a house is any building with four walls and a roof. Home is a state of mind. Not where I am or what is around me, but who I am with. That is what makes a place my home. I could not imagine living without a home or a house. My home is flexible. It doesn't stay in one place. It takes many different forms. My home is my house, my school, my family and my community. My home is whatever I want it to be. My home is full of joy. My home is full of life. My home is not simply a house; it is so much more. To me, home is everything. On a chilly winter day, home is the warmth of a cup of hot cocoa waiting for you. The joy you experience while seeing your family members' happy faces. The feeling of belonging. I feel safe at home. Home… a word with deep significance. A word with a meaning that is difficult to express only in words. Home is a feeling.


Grade 4

Innisfil, Ontario

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