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My Home

My home is my safe spot and it’s like Heaven to me, it’s where the people I love live, and where my cats live too. They help me through sleepless nights and incredibly sad movies. My friends may not live here but when I’m with them I feel as if I'm at home. I don’t feel very safe or at home when I'm somewhere I don’t know because it makes me feel scared and paranoid. However, home is a familiar place and not scary, well, at least mine is. My home is made of love and care from my family and friends. I'm saying this because 1; it's true, 2; because when I'm home alone and not with my family I worry that someone I don’t know might knock on the door. That’s scary to me. I don’t think like that with my family though and I feel safe with them. I feel at home. Home isn't just a place, it’s a feeling too. One last thing, when my neighbours' kids come over and play with me, I get really excited because they're like my siblings to me. I love my home, town, and everyone in my life.


Grade 6

Brockville, Ontario

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