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Home Feels Safe

My home feels safe to me because my mom and dad can keep me safe My dog can keep me safe and I can use myself to keep myself safe I feel safe when I am sleeping.I feel calm in my home because I can lay in my bed. I can put my favorite songs on or some calming music on, I can color because it makes me feel calm,I can watch my shows,when i light my candles the smell of them makes me feel calm,I feel calm when I play my games,I feel calm when I am sleeping because I am relaxing. I feel happy in my home because I can make memories in my home and my mom and dad make me happy at home. I feel like other people need a home like me so they can feel happy and safe and calm in a loveing place to make memories and everyone needs a home. That is what home means to me.


Grade 4

Barrie, Ontario

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