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What Home Means to Me

When the question “What does home mean to you" is asked, the first thing that comes to my mind is my present home along with two previous homes I have lived in. I was fortunate to call all of them my home as I have created various memories and developed lasting relationships along the way. I remember my first home where I was born and have memories of growing up. I still carry certain things from that house that I am fond of as they remind me of my beginning years. My second home had memories of a wonderful neighborhood and strong bonds with friends both in my neighborhood and at school. I had a wonderful time swimming in the pool with my friends' next door. Home to me is my space where I can live, play, learn, and grow. When I think about home, it’s more of a feeling that is like no other. I always feel safe in my house with my parents and know that my needs will be met at all times. I feel happy here because I know I have a loving family who can understand and support me. In every house I’ve lived in, I have made great memories that will stay with me, like when I found fossils in my backyard. My home is meaningful to me and will always be with me no matter what. I am secure and happy whenever I am at home. I feel blessed to have a home and I think that every kid deserves a permanent place to call their own that will last a lifetime. To sum it up, home to me is a happy place where I can learn, grow, explore, and be myself.


Grade 5

Oakville, Ontario

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