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Home Can Be

Home can be a cave, or a tent or just a roof over your head, a tall or a small, or a long or a short one. Home can be a floor you can stand on, or family around you. Home can be a couch you can sit on, or a place you feel safe in. Home can be a bed you can sleep in, or the taste of delicious food family makes. Home can be a living room or a kitchen, or a good or a bad. Home can be a bedroom or a bathroom, or a happy or sad. Home can be a back or a front yard, or people who care. Home can be the plants hanging in pots, or pets that you love. Home can be the chairs by the table, or a warm feeling in your heart. Home can be books in a bookshelf, or siblings you can laugh along with. Home can be given to you by Habitat for Humanity, just like they did for the unfortunate!

Aaliyah Nicole

Grade 5

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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