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Memories of Home

Home to me is coming to my warm, cuddly dog Lola. My favourite places are my bedroom and the backyard. They are peaceful and let me think. I LOVE the taste of my Baba’s fresh blueberry pie and my Dad’s yummy adobo chicken. I love my sister because she always makes me laugh and I love baking with my mom. The meaning of home is to feel loved, to have family by your side, and to feel happy. But when sadness comes, we always get through it together. Home is not just a house. Home is who you live with. There are many memories in each wall. If I left home, I would feel sad because I made lots of happy memories here. It’s not the house itself, it’s the time spent in it. I remember birthdays, Canada Day, water balloon fights, and playing with my dog. Many people in the world are forced to leave their homes because of war, money, or natural disasters. We should make our country a safe place for people to make new homes here. Even though they left their homes behind, they bring hope and love to find a new home. Everyone deserves to have a home with the people they love.


Grade 5

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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