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If home were the 5 Senses

If home were a sight, it would be the most beautiful pink sunset you have ever seen. If home were a sound, it would be the laughter of my family around the kitchen table at dinner time and hearing my Grandparents say, “I love you.” If home were a smell, it would be freshly baked cookies straight out of the oven, shared with my brother. If home were a taste, it would be hot chocolate with whip cream and sprinkles drunk by the fire in my backyard on a snowy day. If home were a touch, it would feel like a cozy heated blanket on the coldest winter nights. I am thankful and grateful for my home because I have a warm, comfortable bed to sleep in, a roof over my head, healthy food made for me to eat, and a family I love so much and who love me back. Mostly, home feels like honesty, patience and understanding and a place where I can be me. Everyone deserves to have their own space where they feel safe and protected; a place that is warm and cozy and a shelter from rain and snow. I pray for all people and families to be able to have a home. I am thankful for Habitat for Humanity for building houses and helping those in need who wish to make a house their home, just like mine.


Grade 5

Oakville, Ontario

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