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Home: The Foundation of My Heart

As I walk up the steps to my front door, I know that I will be welcomed, loved and so much more. This is a place where I live safe and free, And I know that there is unconditional love even when we disagree. When I get inside I feel so much pride, It's a place where I never feel I have to hide. The laughter of my family brings me so much joy, It's a relationship I hope nothing will ever destroy. In my home the curtains freely flutter and sway, There's always a gentle breeze throughout the day, When I look at all the pictures on display, I am thankful for all the memories we create each day. Home is where my heart finds peace, A place that puts my soul at ease, It's where I feel my parents’ warm embrace, And know there is compassion and comfort in each space. My wish is for everyone to have a home where they can grow, Where love and kindness always flow, Where every member is cherished and kept near, And everyone’s opinion in heard and each person is held dear.


Grade 5

Toronto, Ontario

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