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Hi, my name is Aaniyah, and I will be writing a poem about family! But I'm not starting it right away, first I will be talking about my home!! My home is filled with love, laughter and happiness, children, and adults. My home is filled with all kinds of sounds. My home is clean and tidy. My home is a place where I feel safe. That was the last thing I wanted to say about my home, so now I will begin my poem! Family a bond strong and true, through thick and thin. They’ll always be there for you... In times of joy and times of strife, they’re the ones who bring light to your life. With laughter and love, they fill your days. Guiding you through life's UNPREDICABLE maze. They support and encourage you no matter what. Family’s love is like an unbreakable knot. Through ups and downs, they stand by your side, with open arms they provide a place to confide. They share your triumphs, wipe away your tears. Family’s love is a treasure that never disappears. So, cherish your family. Hold them close and dear, for their love and support will always be near. In this journey called life, they’re your guiding star. Family's love is a blessing no matter where you are. Aaniyah


Grade 5

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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